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Mediating Commercial and Litigated Cases (5 Day Workshop) 

This program is a practical training course. While covering theory to give you a framework and the intellectual understanding of negotiation and mediation, this course is about learning. Our focus is on your doing, practicing and experimenting with negotiating and mediating. There is much to teach about mediation...[Click here to read more



Lee Jay Berman

Grow Your Mediation Practice Now! (1 Day Workshop)

We volunteer and we gripe. We go to “networking” events, and don’t feel comfortable there or don’t know what to do. Many of those trying to establish a career in mediation come from prior careers in law, mental health or education. These three careers are among the weakest at...[Click here to read more]

Lee Jay Berman


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 Our Other Courses


Adaptive Legal Negotiation Skills (1 Day Workshop)

Adaptive Legal Negotiation Skills is a lively, interactive program that studies negotiation theory and practice, negotiation ethics and game theory, and uses role-play, case studies and high-energy, interactive lecture for maximum skill development.  After experiencing the practical tools we share...[Click here to read more]

Lee Jay Berman

Advanced Combined Claims Negotiation (1 Day Workshop)

At the American Institute of Mediation, our experience in working with negotiators is that most negotiate in a way that is consistent with their personality.  Nice people negotiate with a more collaborative style, which can sometimes leave value on the table.  People who like to play hard ball tend to...[Click here to read more]

Lee Jay Berman

Mediating the Non-Litigated Dispute (2 Day Workshop)

Shows you how to apply your mediation skills to mediating the complex business deals and non-litigated business disputes. You will learn how this style of mediation is different from mediating litigated cases, including how to conduct critical pre-work and diagnostic services, secrets...[Click here to read more]


Resolving Conflicts at Work (2 Day Workshop)

Every workplace generates chronic conflicts, yet few organizations have examined their "conflict culture" to see how conflicts are generated, supported and reinforced. Conflicts are viewed as personal failures; structures, systems and...[Click here to read more]

Ken Cloke

Legal Nuts and Bolts for Mediators: Legal and Insurance Terms of Art and Settlement Strategies (1 Day Seminar)

This course was designed specifically to pass down the knowledge of experienced mediators who specialize in these specific practice areas, to those who wish to expand their mediation practices into these areas.  For example, it is difficult to mediate medical malpractice cases without knowing...[Click here to read more]

Lee Jay Berman


Advanced Conflict Resolution Skills for Family Mediators and Collaborative Professionals (2 Day Workshop)

Some seminars are billed as advanced—this one is truly advanced. Every aspect of your practice will be examined, pulled apart, and put back together. What is your client intake strategy? How do you custom design each case to accelerate resolution? You will never use the word...[Click here to read more]

Forrest (Woody) Mosten

Conflict Revolution: What We Can Learn From Mediating Evil, War, Injustice and Terrorism  (2 Day Workshop)

In all conflicts, there is a better outcome than winning and losing, a more successful process than accusing and blaming, and a deeper relationship than exercising power over and against others. These better outcomes are achieved when both sides win and...[Click here to read more]

Ken Cloke

Expanding Leadership Capacity in Mediators (2 Day Workshop)

Working with real situations from the participants’ own experiences, you will return with insights and tools about how to move ahead on your own challenges. Exercises will build aptitude for...[Click here to read more]

Erica Ariel Fox

Harnessing the Power of the Master Mediator Part 1 with Lee Jay Berman & Doug Noll

(2 Day Workshop)

This workshop is just what mediators need who feel like their work has hit a plateau. These are also the skills that mediators need to manage highly effective joint sessions. In this experiential workshop, we reach outside of classic mediation training and work with the tools that master mediators draw...[Click here to read more

Harnessing the Power of the Master Mediator Part 2 with Lee Jay Berman & Doug Noll

(2 Day Workshop)

Some mediators are comfortable. In mediating, they want, or perhaps need, to operate from a place that is comfortable. Perhaps they rely on either their substantive knowledge, experience and influence...[Click here to read more]

Impasse is a Fallacy: An Advanced Mediator's Forum (2 Day Workshop)

The beauty of this course is that it exposes you to the experience of the trainer as well as all of the other advanced mediators in the course.  The structure of the course, and why we call it a forum, is that we begin on the first morning by brainstorming...[Click here to read more]

Lee Jay Berman

Mediating Dangerously: The Frontiers of Conflict Resolution (2 Day Workshop)

The words ‘mediating’ and ‘dangerously’ don’t often appear together. Mediation is usually thought of as an ameliorator of danger, a pacifier of hazardous feelings, a safe space. Dangerous mediation means approaching conflicts with...[Click here to read more]

Ken Cloke

Negotiation Mastery: Managing Your Own Internal Responses to Win From Within         (2 Day Workshop)

In Beyond Yes: Deeper Wisdom and the Art of Negotiation (Fundamentals), participants will learn the basic method that moves negotiators from competence toward mastery. In this course we introduce a system we call “archetypes and autobiography” to help people map their own obstacles...[Click here to read more]

Erica Ariel Fox

Introduction to a Career in Mediation (Live and Online) (3 Hour Seminar) 

Have you ever thought about a career as a mediator?  While getting started may seem daunting, especially in a field that is growing as fast as mediation. This course will not only alleviate some of that initial fear, it will provide a solid base of practical... [Click here to read more]

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Lee Jay Berman



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