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Conflict Revolution: What We Can Learn From Mediating Evil, War, Injustice and Terrorism

with Ken Cloke

In all conflicts, there is a better outcome than winning and losing, a more successful process than accusing and blaming, and a deeper relationship than exercising power over and against others. These better outcomes are achieved when both sides win and no one loses, when former adversaries participate in meaningful dialogue and reach satisfying agreements, and when power is exercised with and for others by jointly solving common problems.

Moreover, nearly all conflicts, no matter how petty or personal, possess veiled social, economic, and political features that inform their evolution and eventual outcome. These include social stereotyping, discrimination and prejudice; economic selfishness, callousness and greed; and political hierarchy, bureaucracy and autocracy. Even in entirely interpersonal conflicts, people may quarrel over money, compete for scarce resources, or disagree over the way decisions are being made, reflecting larger chronic social, economic and political conflicts. These can become fertile sources of methods and techniques for preventing future disputes.

These higher outcomes are deepened when we collaboratively redesign the communications, processes, relationships, cultures, organizations, institutions and environments that create chronic conflicts. These higher order outcomes can be achieved not only by individuals, couples, families, students and next-door neighbors, but by entire societies, complex economies, and global political institutions. Doing so will require a “conflict revolution.”


Approved for 13 hours of MCLE Credits in California.

This course is two full days, Friday and Saturday, beginning daily with breakfast (and registration on the first day) at 8:30 a.m. Class begins at 9:00 and continues to 5:00 daily, with an hour for lunch and one 10-15 minute break in the morning and the afternoon. Lunch and snacks will be served and are included. We typically end by 5:00 p.m. on Saturday. Please arrange to stay to the end and schedule outgoing flights after 7:00 p.m.

Enrollment Pricing

Pricing Options

Regular                                  $1095       

Early Bird                               $975                  (21 Days in Advance)

Government/Non-Profit *      $895                  (FULL-TIME Employees)

Available Discounts

Affiliated Organization*         -$80                  (Member)

Bring A Friend                        -$120                (Each up to two)

Group Discount**                  -$200                (Each for three or more)

NOTE: Mediator's Starter Kit is available at a discounted price of $129 (regular $149) when bundled with enrollment in this course. 

*Maybe subject to verification.

**Registering together from the same company, firm or non-profit organization. 


LOCATION: Offices of American Institute of Mediation 
11355 W. Olympic Blvd., Suite 111
Los Angeles, CA  90064

What is our responsibility as dispute resolvers for the social, economic and political conflicts that are occurring around us?  Can we apply conflict resolution principles to the inequalities, inequities, and dysfunctions that fuel chronic political, economic and social conflicts? Are we not implicitly responsible for learning to address and resolve global conflicts beyond our borders, helping to eliminate their chronic sources, and contributing to the redesign of conflict generating structures, processes, institutions and practices, so as to prevent their recurrence? And how can we bring these changes about without recreating the very problems we seek to solve?

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