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Online Courses

All of our online courses are conducted in a lively, interactive webinar format.  It will feel as if you are there participating (and collecting live participatory MCLE credits).  You simply sign onto our interactive website, where you can see the presenter, and if you have a webcam, the others can see you, too.  Then you dial into a phone line for crystal clear audio and the dialogue beings!  We have offerings for everyone - mediators, attorney/advocates, house counsel and insurance adjusters.  Enjoy reading about them and we'll see you online!  We also offer download of pre-recorded online courses, click hereFor pre-recorded content, please allow up to 72 hours to receive your access code that will permit you to access your downloads. An email will be sent to the email address you use in the above purchase with a link and access code.


Introduction to a Career in Mediation (Live and Online) with Lee Jay Berman (3 Hour Seminar) 

Have you ever thought about a career as a mediator?  While getting started may seem daunting, especially in a field that is growing as fast as mediation. This course will not only alleviate some of that initial fear, it will provide a solid base of practical... [Click here to read more]

Lee Jay Berman


Mediating Commercial and Litigated Cases with Lee Jay Berman (5 Day Workshop)

This program is a practical training course. While covering theory to give you a framework and the intellectual understanding of negotiation and mediation, this course is about learning. Our focus is on your doing, practicing and experimenting with negotiating and mediating. There is much to teach about mediation...[Click here to read more]

Lee Jay Berman


Grow Your Mediation Practice Now! with Lee Jay Berman, Sonia Patel Dalton, and Kristen Marquis Dennis (1 Day Workshop)

We volunteer and we gripe. We go to “networking” events, and don’t feel comfortable there or don’t know what to do. Many of those trying to establish a career in mediation come from prior careers in law, mental health or education. These three careers are among the weakest at...[Click here to read more]

Lee Jay Berman


NEW! Master Mediators: What Would You Do? with the SCMA Annual Conference Plenary Panel

We often say that mediation is an artform, rather than a science.  Users of mediation services often shrug at that notion.  This panel will be asked to tackle difficult and challenging mediation situations, and you will get to hear these Master Mediators each answer...

SCMA Annual Conf. Plenary Panel

NEW! Bracketology 101 with Lee Jay Berman

This Bracketology 101 course will make bracketing (and brackets) clear to you, so that you can use them with confidence, skill, and finesse. Bracketing can be one of the most effective negotiation techniques in a mediator's toolbox, when it is used correctly.  It can also be...[Click here to read more]

Lee Jay Berman

Mediation and the Challenges in Today's World with William Ury and Kenneth Cloke (1 hour)

In this interactive conversation, William Ury and Ken Cloke will discuss the future of mediation and the mediation skills needed to help...[Click here to read more]

Rethinking the Mediator's Opening with Steve Rottman (1 hour)

To ensure your mediation ends well, ensure that it starts well. In this segment we unpack the opening moments of the mediation, and we rethink the standard approach of pitching ourselves, the process, declaring ground rules, stressing confidentiality and identifying the location of the donuts...[Click here to read more]

Steve Rottman

Mediation Masterclass:  Seeing and Hearing New Things in the Same Old Rooms, and Maximizing Your Personal Power with Kim Deck and Lee Jay Berman (1 hour)

As humans, we have the capacity to take in much more information during a dialogue than we typically do. As mediators, we need that information to give us an edge, both within our mediations, and also in the marketplace. In this workshop, we will examine the ways that we mediators can enhance our intake of the sights and sounds going on in front of us. Experienced mediators will use this additional information in mediation sessions, and also when networking...[Click here to read more]

Stereotyping, Prejudice and Bias in Mediation: Lessons for Mediation Practitioners with Kenneth Cloke (Approved for 1.5 MCLE Hours in California) (1.5 hours)

Every conflict involves diversity, whether in race, gender, nationality, culture, sexual orientation, language, capacity, context, and personality, or simply in positions, interests, ideas, beliefs, backgrounds, values, and environments. Participants in this workshop will learn...[Click here to read more]

 Ken Cloke

Building Trust and Utilizing Personal Power in Mediation with Lee Jay Berman (1.5 hours)

Mediation is, in many senses, a kind of micro-consulting that we do with our clients. Within the first 10 minutes, we have secured a first impression with them, and through the next 2-3 hours, we must focus on building trust, above all else, because it is at the end of that day, when the going...[Click here to read more]

Lee Jay Berman

Choreographing Communication in Mediation with James C. Melamed (1 hour)

(Approved for 1 MCLE Hour in California) 
Jim describes how mediation is moving away from being “a discrete physical event” and toward a more complex “choreography of communication.” Jim will review the various available synchronous and asynchronous communication...[Click here to read more]

James Melamed

Advanced Caucus Strategies: Impasse or Bad Behavior with Forrest (Woody) Mosten (1 hour)

(Approved for 1 MCLE Hour in California) Threats, stone silence, loud packing of briefcases: parties and lawyers are about to walk out the door! This workshop will feature 2 Last Stage Strategies to give one final opportunity for parties...[Click here to read more]

Woody Mosten 

WEBINAR:  Preventing Impasse:  It All Depends on What You Do in the Morning with Doug Noll (1 hour)

Mediators are decision-architects. They guide counsel and party through the exploratory phase of mediation, then manage the auction, and finally help counsel and parties close the deal. Decision-making in mediation is largely an emotional process, not...[Click here to read more]


WEBINAR:  The Heart of Mediation:  The Art of Asking Questions with Ken Cloke (1 hour)

Master Mediator Ken Cloke takes us through the shift from advocacy into artful, appreciative inquiry in our mediations.  Through questions, it is possible to discover, in the thick of discord, how to free ourselves...[Click here to read more]

Ken Cloke

WEBINAR:  Rekindle Your Mediation Work:  Find Your Love Again with Lee Jay Berman (1 hour)

If a mediator's motivating goals are to keep their settlement rate high, or "at least I'm making $X,000 today", then it's time to view this webinar.  In this webinar, we will help mediators...[Click here to read more

Lee Jay Berman

WEBINAR:  Mindfulness & Competency: Thriving in Uncertain Times
with Mari Frank  (Approved for 1.0 MCLE Competence Issues Specialty Credit)

In this interactive program you will learn how to remain calm, enhance your brain capacity and be present to act decisively and positively  in  a crisis such as  we are experiencing with the  Covid 19. When you practice mindfulness, you will notice your mind moves from  fear or frustration to focus on what you need to do to effectively deal with the situation. You’ll learn to better manage your emotions to help others manage their emotions competently. This will allow you to have better interactions with your staff, colleagues, clients, opposing counsel, and even your family. Your competency is determined by your ability to use your brain effectively.   If you can successfully manage your emotions, you can transform negative stress into motivation and positive connections with clients, opposing counsel, staff and the court.  Don’t miss this interactive mindfulness...[Click here to read more]

Mari Frank

WEBINAR:  Ethics & Civility in Negotiations: Maintain Power, Calm, and Sanity with  Mari Frank (Approved for 1.0 MCLE Legal Ethics Specialty Credit)

Are legal ethics and civility possible in heated negotiations? Most of what we do is negotiation- whether with clients, opposing counsel, our staff, the court and even our families.   This highly interactive program will empower you with proven techniques to get to a mutually satisfying result, without sacrificing your case, your reputation, or your sanity. We will incorporate the newest Rules of Professional Responsibility, the Civility Guidelines and emotional intelligence to  help you be successful, powerful and keep sane.  Effective negotiation skills are your most important tool in your practice, and in your life!!! [Click here to read more] 

Mari Frank

WEBINAR:  Eliminating Bias in Our Law Practice: Understanding and Transforming our Biases with Mari Frank (Approved for 1.0 MCLE Elimination of Bias Specialty Credit)

The legal profession brings us in close contact with a variety of diverse people who come to us with the hope that we will fairly and impartially facilitate the resolution of their disputes and bring peace to their lives.  Because we are humans who bring our emotions and previous experiences and preferences with us, it may be impossible to eliminate all implicit biases.  But as  we become mindful and  introspective and conscious of  our feelings and emotions reactions, we can use our logical brain to neutralize our external and internal biases.  This program will show you how to do this...[Click here to read more] 

Mari Frank

WEBINAR:  Emotional Intelligence: A Critical Factor in Your Practice to Prevent Substance Abuse with Mari Frank (Approved for 1.5 MCLE Legal Ethics Specialty Credit)

Alcohol and drug abuse continues to be a problem among lawyers. This program will educate you as to the various indicators of substance abuse, and how emotions lead to substance abuse, and how it affects your practice. You will also learn how emotional intelligence factors are closely linked to substance abuse, and your competency with clients, opposing counsel, and the courts. You will learn how increased emotional intelligence is scientifically proven to reduce risk factors associated with substance abuse and for decreasing mental behaviors that impair your competency in the legal profession...[Click here to read more] 

Mari Frank

WEBINAR:  Legal Ethics & Privacy: Protecting Your Clients and Your Practice with Mari Frank (Approved for 1.5 MCLE Legal Ethics Specialty Credit)

Are you aware of your ethical responsibilities regarding privacy security in your office? You’ll learn practically cyber security and offline protective measures that will safeguard your clients’ sensitive information and prevent privacy violations in your office. Don’t miss this interactive informative program...[Click here to read more] 

Mari Frank

WEBINAR:  Negotiate Your Way to Success with Mari Frank (Approved for 1.0 MCLE General Credit)

Are you intimidated by the thought of negotiating? Actually, you already negotiate all the time - at home, with family, with friends, co-workers, bosses, and when you make purchases. If you want to be truly effective and confident in all your negotiations, you need powerful skills to get your desired result . When you have the right tools, you’ll  successfully negotiate satisfying solutions and build positive, mutually respectful relationships.  This webinar will teach you proven strategies to get what you want, engage in respectful discourse, and create greater value for yourself and others. Don’t miss this insightful complimentary webinar to discover the “solutioneering” approach to top-notch negotiating! [Click here to read more] 

Mari Frank

WEBINAR:  Introduction to a Career in Mediation (1.5 MCLE hours) with Lee Jay Berman (2.5 hours)

Have you ever thought about a career as a mediator? While getting started may seem daunting, especially in a field that is growing as fast as mediation. This course will not only alleviate some of that initial fear, it will provide a solid base of practical information...[Click here to read more] 

Lee Jay Berman

WEBINAR:  Impasse is a Fallacy (1.5 MCLE hours) with Lee Jay Berman (1.5 hours)

Before examining the notion of impasse more closely, it is important to take a step back and realize that reaching successful resolution in mediation (i.e. avoiding impasse) begins at the very beginning of the mediation process, with convening, and continues...[Click here to read more]

Lee Jay Berman

WEBINAR:  It's Time for Heavy Metal Mediation (1.5 MCLE hours) with Lee Jay Berman (1.5 hours)

Heavy Metal Mediation means more than simply thinking outside of the box - it means smashing the box and trampling on it!  It is about recognizing the realities of the commercial marketplace for litigated cases and adapting a mediator's style and approach to meet...[Click here to read more]

Lee Jay Berman

WEBINAR:  Settle for More: Advocacy in Mediation (1.5 MCLE hours) with Lee Jay Berman (1.5 hours)

While all good attorneys prepare intensely for arbitration or trial, it is a wonder that more fail to prepare better for mediation.  As the legal community continues to use mediation as an effective case settlement tool, it is becoming clear that attorney preparation plays...[Click here to read more]

Lee Jay Berman

Introduction to Mediation  with Lee Jay Berman (1 hour)
(Approved for 1.0 MCLE Hour in California) 

Lee Jay Berman

The Soft Human Underbelly with Lee Jay Berman (1 hour)
(Approved for 1.0 MCLE Hour in California) 

Lee Jay Berman

Client Relations Strategies with Lee Jay Berman (1 hour)
(Approved for 1.0 MCLE Hour in California) 

Lee Jay Berman

Ethics in ADR with Lee Jay Berman (1 hour)
(Approved for 1.0 MCLE Ethics Hour in California) 

Lee Jay Berman

So You Say You Want to Be A Professional Mediator? with Lee Jay Berman (1 hour)
(Approved for 0.5 MCLE Ethics Hour in California) 

Lee Jay Berman

Set of 5 Audio Courses with Lee Jay Berman (5 hours)

Includes "Introduction to Mediation," "Client Relations Strategies," "Ethics in ADR," "So You Say You Want to be A Professional Mediator?" and "The Soft Human Underbelly" 

Lee Jay Berman

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