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It's Time for Heavy Metal Mediation

90 Minute Webinar / 1.5 MCLE Credit Hours in California

with Lee Jay Berman


Mediation, as it is taught in most settings, does not resemble what civil litigators seek when hiring a mediator.  Hard core litigators do not seek mediators with reputations for being sensitive, empathetic, active listeners who facilitate communication without affecting outcome.  The contemporary facilitative and transformative mediation community must either learn to meet the needs of the litigation community, or be prepared for a massive exodus from the profession in the coming years.  To survive in the commercial mediation marketplace, mediators need to learn some of the skills from the dark side, hereinafter known as Heavy Metal Mediation.  Join us to discuss some of these skills, and for permission to use them.
This course unabashedly discusses the realities of mediation including taboo subjects such as manipulation, intimidation, mediator tactics, mediator ego, lack of real confidentiality, and how to void a mediator liability policy. 

For more on Heavy Metal Mediation, please check out this interview with Lee Jay Berman and Aled Davies: here.

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Enrollment in this MCLE Approved Online Webinar is $79.00.  Attendees earn 1.5 hours of MCLE credit in California.

Lastly, the Mediator's Starter Kit is available at a discounted price of $129 (regular $149) when bundled with enrollment in this course, or for the USB Only version (no notebook with printouts or CD) it is only $99 when bundled with this course (regular $119).

This course is one afternoon, just one and half hours.

Heavy Metal Mediation means more than simply thinking outside of the box - it means smashing the box and trampling on it!  It is about recognizing the realities of the commercial marketplace for litigated cases and adapting a mediator's style and approach to meet the marketplace's expectations.  This is a short "How To" guide that gives explicit permission to mediators to do things that most mediator training courses view as taboo, including evaluating cases and being confrontational, and examines ethical questions around manipulation and intimidation.  This look under the tent of mediation is a one of a kind view into how the real world of commercial mediation works, and how the attorneys and sophisticated parties want it to work. Warning:  This approach is NOT for the transformative, relationship-minded mediators.

Download the pre-recorded webinar at the discounted price. Link and passcode will be emailed to you no later than the next business day.

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