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Why we’re not just another mediation training institute.


Our Mission 

Offering a unique and diverse curriculum whose sole purpose is to raise a mediator's level of practice, the AIM Institute is where leading mediators turn to continue their learning and career development. Being free of academic constraints and embracing other disciplines allows AIM to expand the frontier of this developing profession. 

About Us 

The American Institute of Mediation (AIM) is committed to raising the level of practice throughout the field of mediation. The measure of our success is the extent to which the mediators who attend our courses are more effective and successful. The AIM Institute distinguishes itself in the marketplace for mediation, negotiation, conflict resolution and peacemaking training by attracting the most talented and successful trainers to create cutting-edge courses that they are most passionate about, offering attendees the courses that the experts in the trenches deem most valuable. Obtaining a certificate from the AIM Institute brings immediate credibility, opening doors to successful individual practices, commercial panels, and peacemaking work around the world. AIM is a community where trainers thrive and synergize, and mediators connect, learn and gather to discuss the field’s growth and development


“I have taken many mediation courses.  I considered myself a seasoned mediator but it was not until I began taking Lee Jay's classes that I saw myself as a novice again.  A depth of knowledge and technique and wisdom has been garnered from Lee Jay and Doug Noll and Ken Cloke.  I know impasse is a fallacy.  I realize that understanding the neuroscience of the brain makes me more discerning.  I now mediate fearlessly.  AIM has elevated my skills and enhanced my world view. I am a fan.” Joan Stein Jenkins 

"Very good training to learn how to establish my conflict reolution/mediation business." - Yvette Durazo, Founder of Unitive Consulting

"...Rich in information and insights that I could put to work for myself the very next day. What a gift to be able to learn in an intimate setting from three top thought leaders in mediation - Lee Jay Berman, Douglass Noll, and Ken Cloke. A superb suite of courses..."  - Mark Lewis, Los Angeles, CA

"Fantastic experience with concrete tools I can use right away." - Tom Hutchinson





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