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January 28 - February 1:
Los Angeles, CA: Join us at the AIM Institute for Mediating Commercial and Litigated Cases with Lee Jay Berman




February 2nd 
Los Angeles, CA: Join us at the AIM Institute for Grow your Mediation Practice Now! with Lee Jay BermanSonia Patel Dalton and Kristen Marquis Dennis 


 What the mediation and negotiation blogsphere is saying about the AIM Institute...

Big News!


RNZDoug Noll honored with NADN "Distinguished Neutral of the Year" Award
The National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals (NADN) presented their annual Distinguished Neutral of the Year Award to AIM Institute Faculty Member Doug Noll, in recognition of excellence in the practice of mediation and ADR training!


RNZHollywood Mediator Lee Jay Berman
Jesse Mulligan of Radio New Zealand interviews Lee Jay Berman, to talk about keeping the band together, and the professional lives of high-powered celebrities, rife with jealousy, conflict and planet-sized egos.

Mediation Best Practice
Denise Johnson from the Claims Journal Magazine interviews, Lee Jay Berman, who provided best practices for mediation success, explained the importance of making the other side feel comfortable, and offered tips on the art of persuasion.

Tips for a Successful Mediation
Denise Johnson from the Claims Journal Magazine interviews, Lee Jay Berman, explains how pacing and varying agendas can affect mediations and how adjusters can best prepare for a successful mediation.

Making Your Mediator Work Harder for You
Denise Johnson from the Claims Journal Magazine interviews Lee Jay Berman on the "4 Ways to Make Your Mediator Work Harder For You."

Impasse is a Fallacy
Association for Conflict Resolution Blog Talk Radio show interviews Lee Jay Berman about his "call to action" as he breaks down the assumptions about impasse regardless of the nature of dispute or the high conflict of the parties.

How to Avoid Disaster out of a Disaster
Pattie Porter from the Texas Conflict Coach show interviews Mel Rubin about the power of the individual consumer when confronted with local and regional disasters that directly affect themselves and their families.


Blinder than a Bat - What Organizations and Leaders need to do to remove Their Conflict Blind Spots 
Pattie Porter from the Texas Conflict Coach show interviews Ken Cloke about his personal journey into conflict resolution and peace-making and what keeps him here is this field.


Restorative Justice with Doug Noll
Pattie Porter from the Texas Conflict Coach show interviews Doug Noll about how restorative justice is different from criminal justice, how it can help victims and their families, and more.

Mediation Matters
Read and watch as mediator Steve Mehta interviews AIM Founder, Lee Jay Berman, about mediators' training.

What the Blogsphere is Writing About Us?
The Superstar of Mediation:  Lee Jay Berman and His High-Profile Cases
Lee Jay Berman talks with LawTalk, the publication of the New Zealand Law Society. 
What Star Hollywood Mediator Lee Jay Berman Can Tell Lawyers About the Power of Mediation and Acheiving the One Thing Every Lawyer Wants
Lee Jay Berman talks with LawFuel New Zealand about how lawyers can use mediation effectively for the one thing evey lawyer wants - a happy client.
US Mediation Leader Supports NZ Distaster Mediation Centre
John Bowie from LawFuel New Zealand interviews Lee Jay Berman about the ability to deal with issues in the weeks following a disaster.

Mediator's Midwest conference attracts top names
Dave Stafford writes in The Indiana Lawyer about the upcoming 2nd annual Midwest Mediation Conference in Indianapolis, IN.

Making Mediators: As the Field Grows, So Does the Need for Negotiation Skills
Richard Acello writes in the ABA Journal about the skills professional mediators need as the athe profession grows.
Lawsuits Don't Have to be So Painful
Investigative Reporter and Author Diane Dimond writes about a new way to think about legal representation.
Legal vs. Mediation Narratives and Why They Matter
ediator and Blogger Victoria Pynchon teaches legal process in the context of mediation litigated cases at the AIM Institute.
Mediator Blah...Blah
Mediator Geoff Sharp features articles written by AIM Institute faculty.
The Rise and Rise of AIM
Geoff Sharp's writes about the launching of AIM.


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