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Introduction to a Career in Mediation

Lee Jay Berman


Have you ever thought about a career as a mediator? While getting started may seem daunting, especially in a field that is growing as fast as mediation. This course will not only alleviate some of that initial fear, it will provide a solid base of practical information you can use to start your own mediation practice.  All of you questions will be answered, including: 

What kind of training is required?

What makes a good mediator?

What are the statewide and federal credentials?

How can one successfully enter the field of mediation?

How do mediators get business?

What organizations can one join to become involved in mediation?

How can a person’s existing business contacts and colleagues to help them to obtain referrals?

How to successfully market a Mediation practice alongside my Law practice without losing clients?

 Find out what it takes to launch a professional mediation practice.             Fi nd out about credentials, courses, and opportunities for a career in mediation.  See if your talent, experience, education and personality are suited for a career in mediation. Learn what to expect when embarking on the field, and what makes some mediators more successful. 

Most mediators enjoy mediating, but are uncomfortable managing the business and marketing aspects of a mediation practice. This sometimes includes the dual role of attorney/mediator and advocate/peacemaker. This course gives you straight information about what works and what does not from our own experience. 

This course is a practical training course.  While covering theory to give you a framework and the intellectual understanding of the practice of mediation, this course is intended to answer all of your questions about entering the field successfully. 

I look forward to working with you as you pursue your goals in this course.

Lee Jay Berman
President of the AIM Institute


What people have said about Lee Jay's course:

"I've mediated for over 18 years, and have built my own repertoire of skills based on instinct, intuition, and trial and error. Attending your recent training, I realized that the same things I have embraced as part of the art of negotiation were in reality part of the science of negotiation, and to reach the next level I needed to enhance my art by understanding the science involved.

"I want to continue to expand my horizons and capabilities, and want to keep up with the cutting edge of these desperately needed skills, and want to continue to expand my horizons with like minded professionals."
Posted by Simon Harrison


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 The American Institute of Mediation is a certified California MCLE provider as approved by the State Bar of California. This course is approved for 1.5 General MCLE credit.


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