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The Crossroads of Conflict

with Ken Cloke

Every conflict, no matter how trivial, points us toward a crossroads in our lives. One road leads to anger, fear, confrontation, and bitterness, and draws us into quarrels over the past. A second leads us to empathy, acceptance, honesty, and mutual respect and draws us into negotiations over the future.

Yet there is also a third road, largely hidden from view, leading us to increased awareness, compassion, integrity, and heartfelt communications, and draws us into awareness of the present. It encourages openhearted relationships, forgiveness, reconciliation, and renewal. It wakes us up, makes us more mindful of ourselves and others, and nurtures our energies and spirits. This is the path of transformation and transcendence, of wisdom, spirit, and heart.

This workshop will present techniques for transformation and transcendence, including encouraging openhearted communications, shifting attitudes and awareness, and reaching forgiveness and reconciliation. It will explore ways of increasing empathy in the midst of rage, togetherness in the midst of separation, and celebration in the midst of failure. It will investigate the limits and frontiers of conflict resolution, including the internal frontiers of spirituality, and the external frontiers of social, economic, political, and environmental conflict. It will support participants in using conflict as a catalyst for personal, family, organizational, and social change, and in changing the way we change.


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Regular Enrollment is $595, with an earlybird discount to $495 for those enrolling at least 21 days in advance. Government and non-profit organizations enrollment is $395 as a courtesy. Members of our Affiliated Organizations receive a $50 discount on this course, and additional discounts include our 'Bring a Friend' discount of $50 each with two or more, and our 'Group Discount' of $100 each for three or more registering together from the same company, firm or non-profit organization.

This course is one and a half days, Friday will begin at 2:00 and continue until 6:00. Saturday begins with breakfast at 8:30 a.m., class beginning at 9:00 and continuing until 5:00, with an hour for lunch and one 10-15 minute break in the morning and the afternoon. Continental breakfast, lunch and snacks will be served and are included. Please arrange to stay to the end and schedule outgoing flights after 7:30 p.m on Saturday.

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